Philadelphia Furniture Workshop is a woodworking school offering courses to all levels of woodworkers, from the raw novice to serious amateur. PFW offers classes that are project based, classes that focus on narrower fields such as individual tools or particular techniques, and courses that are specially designed to get the new woodworker up to speed in a safe, deliberate and organized fashion. We also offer design and build classes, and master classes for the aspiring cabinetmaker or furniture maker whose aim is to work at a high-level of skill and create work that reflects personal expression. Classes are small and are taught by highly skilled professional designer/makers with experience teaching a wide range of woodworking skills and techniques.

If you are a new woodworker, the Beginner Courses, Basic Skills Courses and Learning Series are good places to start. If you have some experience or just want to make a specific project, try our Projects Course listings. If you want to brush up on a skill or learn a new one, then click on the Tools and Techniques tab. Private instruction can really speed up the learning process an allow you to safely and confidently work through a project of your own. We hope to see you soon! Continue scrolling to see some images from the shop.